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SyaKarp Series

SyaKarp originated from the name of the intricate, ornamental brocades crafted by the Miao people of China. The unique craftsmanship and rich color effect of these brocades are regarded as one of China’s most cherished cultural heritages.

SyaKarp series applies modern science and technology to produce pigments with three-dimensional optics, high chroma, and bright character. SyaKarp is created from our highest quality of natural mica, developed from decades of technical advancement achieved by strict production control with the highest standards of excellence. SyaKarp is the aesthetic choice for any consumer looking to enrich their product with a contemporary effect.

Product Characteristics

Natural mica substrate Narrow particle size distribution Excellent color saturation and three-dimensional optics Elegant color effect Superior weather resistance

Application Characteristics

SyaKarp is applicable for high-end coatings, household appliance coatings, electrical and electronic product coatings, automotive refinish and OEM paints, special high-end masterbatch.

Application range

For the application of interior decorative design and paint, the excellent and rich color performance of Kyntaline will illuminate your product with breathtaking visual effects.


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SyaKarp Series

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