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FC Grade

Fluorocarbon series products have superior properties such as color stability and ultraviolet resistance, created specifically for the powder and coil coatings industries. Rigorous lab testing and application trials demonstrated the successful stability of titanium dioxide. The outstanding weather resistance of our fluorocarbon treatment fully meets the most stringent process requirements, bringing quality to your products.

Product Characteristics

Outstanding moisture proof & weather resistance Excellent Ultraviolet resistance Surface treated material can bear high temperature production process Non-conductive, Non-magnetic properties

Application Characteristics

Fluorocarbon grade products are created specifically for exterior high temperature resistance materials including fluorocarbon paints, coil coatings, metal material and powder coatings industries.

Application range

Based on our fluorocarbon grade products, the finished pearlescent paints are characterized by their excellent corrosion-proof and stable chemical properties.


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FC Grade

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