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Baroque Series

Baroque series is a series synthetic mica based pearlescent pigment for the high temperature range. The pearlescent pigments remain stable up to 700℃ and are therefore suitable for the high-performance plastics that must withstand high temperatures. Through multi layered coatings of different metal oxides, fascinating colors including fantasy silver, abstract gray and retro green are attained. These vintage color effects were inspired by the characteristic architectures from ancient times. These unique colors were influenced by the gorgeous historic baroque style architecture.

Product Characteristics

High temperature stable up to 700℃ Extraordinary weather resistance performance Vintage color, intensive color saturation Strong metal luster

Application Characteristics

Baroques series meet the requirements for high temperature processed products. For example; high performance plastics and other industries including exterior decorative paints, fluorocarbon paints or automotive paints.

Application range

Compare with normal gray, Baroque classic gray has intensive color saturation and better luster dedicates to application of automotive paints.


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Baroque Series

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