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Industrial Grade

Our special effect pearlescent pigments offer a variety of colors including, silver white, gold, red, purple, blue, green, and other attractive colors. Equipped with excellent characteristics such as light, heat and weather resistance. Our pigments are non-conducive, non-magnetic, anti-yellowing, and have stable chemical properties. Kuncai uses self-designed production equipment which is environmental friendly and economically efficient. Our dust free pearlescent pigments help plastic producers with easy dispersion, and saves time from pre-dispersion and production machine cleaning.

Product Characteristics

Various colors with excellent pearl luster Light, heat and weather resistant Acid and alkali-resistant,Non-conductive Stable chemical properties with easy dispersing performance

Application Characteristics

The largest application for industrial grade pearlescent pigments is masterbatch within the plastic industry due to its easy dispersion performance.

Application Characteristics

Our industrial grade pearlescent pigments play an important role in the seed coating industry.


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