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Crystal Series

Crystals are a true creation of nature. Their unique appearance and variety gives it special value. Its quality is judged on its purity. Crystal series pearlescent pigments named after the characteristics of crystals as they are found in nature. It is based on the new synthetic mica substrate produced exclusively by Kuncai. In comparison with natural mica, it gives high whiteness, purity, brightness and low heavy metal content. When such flat and transparent flaky crystal are coated with different oxides, a stunning reflective luster is achieved.

Product Characteristics

Wide variety of color series High purity ensures low heavy metal content Excellent hiding performance Easy dispersion ability

Application Characteristics

Excellent color and dispersion performance makes crystal series easily accepted by high-end masterbatch producers. The purity of finished plastics products is achieved by using this series.

Application range

Our synthetic mica substrate gives the crystal series lower heavy metal content and the coating materials are approved for use in the cosmetics products.


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Crystal Series

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