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Synthetic Mica

Synthetic mica, fluorophlogopite, is a man-made mica consisting of quartz and other similar components as natural mica that have been melted at a high temperature then crystallized in isothermal condition. Kuncai started the production of synthetic mica in early 2009. Years of experience have made Kuncai the leading manufacturer and processer of synthetic mica. Kuncai is the first manufacturer of synthetic mica tailored for production of pearlescent pigments. Historically, synthetic mica manufacturers were singularly supplying it as a raw material for mica paper, mica tape, electronic insulating materials and heat preservation materials, but not used as substrate of pearlescent pigment. However, we found the substrate quality requirement for pearlescent pigment is much stricter.

Product Characteristics

Compared with natural mica, the synthetic mica substrate has higher purity, whiteness, aspect ratio and lower heavy metal contents. The finished products have an extraordinary effect.

Application Characteristic

Current specifications of synthetic mica powder we offer are: 1200 mesh, 1000mesh, 800mesh, 600mesh, 400mesh, 200mesh, 80mesh etc.

Application range

Synthetic mica is growing in popularity for the use in high-end applications, especially for cosmetics. We are always happy to customize our products for our customers including requests for surface treatments or other functional products.


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Synthetic Mica

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