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Neomica Series

Neomica, a new generation of natural mica based pearlescent pigments will be launched by Kuncai in 2017. Based on premium quality of Brazilian natural mica, it captivates with its outstanding color saturation, exceptional brilliance, and more natural color effect. With strong luster, excellent hiding performance, innovative brightness and numerous performance applications, Neomica will provide you multiple choices and efficient solutions.

Product Characteristics

Enormous brilliance with outstanding color saturation Gorgeous sparkling effect for high quality performance Optimized particle size distribution Latest environment-friendly production process

Application Characteristics

Neomica will be widely applied in coatings, plastics, rubber, ink, paper, textile, decoration paints, craft, leather, enamel, ceramics, packing materials, printing decoration and construction coatings etc.

Application range

Silver white, interference, metallic color in this new generation natural mica based pearlescent pigments are much more shining and brilliant than traditional pearlescent pigments. Better dispersion performance and physicochemical properties will enable Neomica be acceptable in different industries as we expect.


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Neomica Series

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