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Kyntaline Series

Kuncai is the only manufacturer of synthetic mica substrate tailored for production pearlescent pigment. Years of research and development have led Kuncai to implementing an automatic production process. Subsequently, Kuncai has made immense improvements to the structure and stability of synthetic mica that surpass traditional properties and performance of synthetic mica based pearl effect pigment. Kynatline is the newest addition to our innovative pearl effect pigment line. Combining cutting edge scientific coating technology with more than 80% coating ratio, Kyntaline presents a strong luminous luster with optical dimensional intensity that will enrich your product.

Product Characteristics

Ultra-high color saturation
Bright and super bright flicker
Precision coating process
Excellent dispersion performance

Product Characteristics

Super intensive color saturation Vibrant, stunning pearl luster Precise coating technology Excellent dispersing property Latest environment-friendly production process

Application range

For the application of interior decorative design and paint, the excellent and rich color performance of Kyntaline will illuminate your product with breathtaking visual effects.


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Kyntaline Series

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